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R 429 900
2021 | 1 200 km | Automatic
Joburg North


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More About Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a multinational Japanese car maker that has gone from making looms in 1909 to building modern-day cars. Not only do they make cars and motorbikes but also build boat motors. Some marine sports enthusiasts regard their outboard motors as the best in the world. To prove to the rest of the world how tough and reliable their cars and bikes are. They won many of the race car, rally car and motorbike competitions that they entered.

How much is a Suzuki in South Africa?
There are Suzuki cars for sale in South Africa which are available in several of the trim levels. Prices for a used Suzuki will depend on the year of manufacture, mileage, service history and the vehicle specifications. A used Suzuki can retail between R45,000 and R400,000.

Is a Suzuki a reliable car?
Suzuki engineers are experts at engine building and have proven it in rally cars, motorbikes, motor cars and boat racing. Surveys from around the world in countries like the U.K, India, Australia, Europe and South Africa say Suzuki's reliability is way above average and ahead of the other car makers. Since their arrival here in 2009, they have won many car awards. Another reason why Suzuki engines are so mechanically strong and can endure a great deal of punishment is that Suzuki engines are small, light and free-revving. Suzuki cars also have a light chassis which helps reduce the amount of wear-and-tear on the motor and save on the cost of fuel.

What makes Suzuki worth the money?
The way Suzuki builds cars is to be reliable, light on fuel, affordable and fun to drive. Each Suzuki car has both a unique talent and personality. For reasons already mentioned, you buy a Suzuki because you want a car that you can trust and depend on. From the range of used Suzuki cars for sale, you can buy a small car for driving in the city, an SUV for family holidays or a 4x4 for off-road adventures. A second-hand Suzuki can appeal to both young and old, school leavers and retirees. Suzuki also has low running costs and is economical so you will save money on petrol.

Is a Suzuki expensive to service and maintain?
Suzuki’s are praised for being light on maintenance. Spare parts are inexpensive and easy to find. You are likely to find a used Suzuki car that still has a factory warranty and service plan. However, if you buy a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 or the Swift Sport. Then rather take your car to be serviced at a Suzuki dealership or to one of their Suzuki car service centres. Suzuki builds modern but simple cars; therefore you can take your Suzuki to an RMI approved mechanic.

Where can I find a Suzuki for sale?
Surf4cars has a wide range of used Suzuki cars for sale. We update our cars for sale database daily so you never miss out on finding the best deals on Suzuki cars for sale. Surf for cars now!

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