Used subaru forester For Sale

275 598 km | Manual

R 99 900

260 513 km | Manual

R 119 900

289 000 km | Automatic

R 159 900


85 000 km | Automatic

R 160 000

135 000 km | Automatic

R 169 999


111 800 km | Manual

Cape Town
R 174 990

178 000 km | Automatic

R 179 999


154 500 km | Manual

Joburg East
R 209 900

145 000 km | Manual

Cape Town
R 249 995

94 000 km | Manual

R 387 999


5 000 km | Automatic

Joburg West
R 799 899



More About The Subaru Forester?

How much is a Subaru Forester in South Africa?
Search used Subaru Forester cars for sale in South Africa available in six trim levels. The retail prices for a Subaru Forester for sale on Surf4cars starts from R95 000 and up to R630 000. But these prices will all depend on the year of manufacture, mileage, service history and vehicle specifications.

Is a Subaru Forester a reliable car?
Out of the entire Subaru range, the Forester is considered the most reliable and delivers consistent quality. Some overseas polls rank the Forester’s reliability as above average and that it is also has the lowest running costs. You cannot tell the reliability of a Subaru Forester for sale on Surf4cars just by looking at it. Service history and mileage is one thing but you actually need to go see and test drive the vehicle. From 2009 Subaru replaced the cambelts in all their vehicles with a timing chain to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Subaru also claim the world’s best CVT transmission. Many of the Subaru Forester cars for sale use a CVT gearbox which helps to reduce fuel consumption and mechanical wear-and-tear.   

Is a Subaru Forester a good used car to buy??
An older model used Subaru Forester for sale on Surf4cars is a good choice for a first time SUV buyer. According to Subaru, 97% of the Foresters sold in the past decade are still on the road. The Forester also happens to be the top-selling Subaru in the country and outsells VW in the USA. It is the kind of SUV that can endure years of punishment brought on by cross-border travelling and inner-city driving. Its durability means new parents could hold on to their Forester until when their children leave high school.

What makes the Subaru Forester worth the money?
Because it has advanced safety features and it is fun to drive. The Subaru Forester can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers and people who like to work hard and play hard. The symmetrical all-wheel drive and even weight distribution give the Forester amazing traction on slippery and loose gravel surfaces. The Subaru Forester for sale on Surf4cars that you should consider? Is the Forester 2.5i Sport ES. EyeSight or E.S in short driver assist technology is among the best in the world. Think of E.S as an extra pair of eyes on the road. This makes the Forester one of the safest cars to drive at night.??

Is the Subaru Forester expensive to service and maintain?
One of the reasons why the Forester and other Subaru models are expensive to service is because of the position and layout of the engine. Subaru uses a boxer layout and this makes it very difficult to work on and pushes up the cost of labour. It sits lower down and is very difficult to reach with conventional methods. Something as simple as replacing spark plugs is labour intensive and minor repairs the H4 boxer motor has to be lifted out of the car. Therefore, get an extended warranty and service plan when you buy a used Subaru Forester

Where can I find a used Subaru Forester for sale?
Surf4cars has a wide range of Subaru Forester cars for sale. Dealer stock on our new and used cars for sale online showroom is updated daily so you never miss out on finding the best deal on a used Subaru Forester for sale in South Africa. Surf for cars now. 


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