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Toyota Tazz For Sale

The Used Toyota Tazz for sale is not only a familiar name and site on South African roads, it has garnered a bit of a cult status in the late 1990’s as the ultimate entry-level car for first owners. Close sibling to the Conquest, the 1996 Tazz was bottom of the range and only available as a 4-speed manual gearbox with a 1.3litre petrol engine.

With body styling very similar to the Conquest, the Tazz’s well-known rounded hatchback shape with a large rear window and body-coloured bumpers quickly became part of the road narrative in South Africa. Since it's launch in the late 1990's the second hand Toyota Tazz for sale has seen several upgrades, the last being 2006 when production was discontinued. The 2006 version was still pitched as an entry-level hatch, but some additions were made through the years. The 1.3 litre engine endured, but a fifth gear where added. The shape has stayed the same with minor changes such as the grille, bumper and, rear light design. Side indicators were also updated. On the whole, the pre-owned Toyota Tazz has stayed exactly what it was intended to be.

The wide body translates into spacious interior, decent room in the front and, acceptable at the back, due to the sloping hatch back body style. Four adults can squeeze in but would not ride too comfortably on a long ride. The interior is basic with durable fabric and hard plastic, only full-body safety belts in the front seats with lap-seatbelts at the back. No door pockets and only one small bin, the cubby-hole and, a storage cube at the bottom of the fascia is the extent of storage in the cabin. Being the entry-level it is, there are no luxuries such as air conditioning or electric windows. The Tazz was fitted with a gear lock as standard as the Tazz is unfortunately high on the car-theft list. The hatch-back opens to 1,8meter and there is a 650mm height to load with a total of 968 litres if the back seat is folded down (60:40 split).

Tazz is known for its mechanical durability, a Toyota trademark. The pre-owned Tazz for sale can survive a lot of abuse and, when well taken care of, the Tazz will still be in excellent condition. The Tazz is quite nippy for its engine size with 0 – 100km per hour in 11,33seconds and top speed recorded at 191km/h. With fuel consumption recorded at 9.24 litres per 100 km it seals the deal as a durable and economical vehicle, favoured with first-time owners and delivery needs.

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