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bmw 3 series convertible For Sale

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BMW 328i Convertible Auto (E36) For Sale In Benoni
  • 1998
  • 37 836 km
  • Automatic
  • Anglo Car Dealers Benoni
  • Benoni (Gauteng)
How much is the BMW 3 Series Convertible?

The BMW 3 Series Convertible is available for sale in South Africa in a number of trim levels, for a used BMW 3 Series Convertible, prices start from R160 000 for an older model with prices dependent on year of manufacture, mileage, service history, vehicles spec.

Is the BMW 3 Series Convertible a reliable car?

While serious homework is required when enquiring about any BMW 3 Series Convertible car for sale, the general consensus is that BMW builds the most robust and reliable engines. Global surveys from around the world ranked the BMW 3.0l, 6-cylinder (B58) engine as the most reliable straight-six turbocharged motor in the world – found in the BMW 340i produced from 2015 until now.

Is the BMW 3 Series Convertible a good used car to buy?

From the range of BMW 3 Series Convertible for sale on Surf4cars – there is the right 3 Series Convertible for you. The 3 Series Convertible offer accomplished vehicles when it comes to value-for-money. An outstanding choice for a small growing family but with enough performance and dynamic handling as not to be labelled a mundane ‘mom’s taxi.’

Is the BMW 3 Series Convertible expensive to maintain?

Yes it is an expensive car to maintain but buyers already know that. Whichever of the BMW 3 Series Convertible cars for sale you want to buy – opt for an extended motor plan or if the car is too old factor in the cost of regularly servicing the vehicle. Thankfully, the 3 Series Convertible is locally manufactured and therefore it remains the most affordable BMW model to maintain.

What makes the BMW 3 Series Convertible worth the money?

Despite a heavy asking price, a used BMW 3 Series Convertible 330i has proven desirability: fuel-efficiency, performance, an innovatively elaborate interior, safety, driving comfort, with ample boot-space and rear legroom. The BMW 330i boasts the fuel-efficiency of a small capacity engine, a 185kW, 2.0l, i4 turbocharged engine to handle day-to-day driving, bumper-to-bumper traffic and the capability of a swift open-road cruiser, thanks to an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission that produces 350nm of torque. Thus, providing both driving pleasure and comfort with the top down for the whole family on their way down to the coast.

Where can I find a BMW 3 Series Convertible for sale?

Surf4cars has the widest range of used BMW 3 Series Convertible cars for sale. Our Stock is updated daily so you never miss out on finding the best deals in South Africa on BMW 3 Series Convertible cars for sale. Surf for cars now!