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Mercedes Benz CL For Sale

Produced by the German manufacturer between 1992 and 2014, the Mercedes Benz CL for sale is classified as a full-size luxury grand tourer, a three-door coupé with the same standard of luxury finishes you will find in the S Class luxury saloon or estate model. With three generations on the road, it is a stately vehicle with an immediately recognizable silhouette of elegant curves and presence.

With rivals such as the Aston Martin DBS and Ferarri 612, the Mercedes Benz CL for sale has some very tough competition in this market segment. This is a vehicle for a very specific consumer and someone that doesn’t necessarily mind that much about fuel efficiency but more about power and handling. The first generation’s exterior design is still the boxy shape of the 1990’s Mercedes but gradually evolving into the aerodynamic and curvy third generation and a final update in 2011 of the AMG and BlueEfficiency model that speaks more to the current design language of Mercedes. The prominent grille and emblem that is the current hallmark of all new Mercs as well as the prominent sloping roofline, rounded backside, and sleek front appearance.

The interior is a plush luxury; leather upholstery, optional carbon fiber panels and steering wheel parts, smart supportive seats, and lots of room, even at the back with the sloping roofline. The 2011 update model sports extra’s like the bi-xenon headlights (LED of course), revised fenders to go with the sharp and aggressive nose, and new shape exhaust pipes. The interior adds a touch of nostalgia with wood paneling and the fascia and infotainment system similar to Mercedes-Benz’s luxury saloon range. For the second hand Mercedes Benz CL for sale, the technology is on par with luxury vehicles in its class. Driver assistance measures like the Active blind Spot-, Attention-, Active Lane- and Night View Assist, as well as Active Body Control, the fully active hydraulic suspension that increases stability, all, adds to driving confidence and passenger comfort and safety.

For a vehicle that weighs just over 2 tons, a suitable size engine is needed to provide the power and performance that goes hand-in-hand with a luxury vehicle. With three generations and an upgrade out on the roads, there is a range of engine configurations varying between the 5litre, V8 CL500 providing an impressive 6.5seconds from 0 -100km and the updated 6litre V12 CL 65 AMG with a breath-taking 4,1 seconds from 0 – 100km and a top speed of 205km per hour.

Consumers interested in second hand Mercedes Benz CL’s for sale are most definitely not conscious of boot space or fuel consumption. It is about driving pleasure, luxury, and status. Combined fuel consumption for the CL C215 is around 13,4litres per 100km, still not too bad considering the size of the engine and the bulk of the body.