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Used Toyota Corolla For Sale

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2020 Toyota Corolla 2.0 XR Auto For Sale In Joburg East
  • 11 500 km
  • Automatic
  • Carnival Toyota
  • Joburg East (Gauteng)
2021 Toyota Corolla 2.0 XR For Sale In Cape Town
  • 44 km
  • Manual
  • Rondebosch East Toyota
  • Cape Town (Western Cape)
2021 Toyota Corolla 2.0 XR Auto For Sale In Kuilsriver
  • 6 000 km
  • Automatic
  • Barloworld Toyota Kuilsriver
  • Kuilsriver (Western Cape)

The Corolla model has been around South Africa for more than 50 years, and it’s still a great and affordable car model that does far more than just get you from one point to another – it can be one of the greatest cars that you ever drive, whether you’re driving it for work or leisure.

The year 2013 saw the one-millionth unit being manufactured at the local Durban plant, and many of the cars they have produced can be found right here on Surf4Cars today – we have the largest catalogue online of used Toyota Corolla models for sale to take your pick from.


Corolla Features


This is one of the best passenger cars that you can find on the roads today. Here are the essential features that help to make the car worth driving.

- Engine: It is available with several different engine options including 1.4L, 1.5L or 1.6L petrol or diesel-powered engines that gives you as much as 71 to 85kW of power in a small package that’s more than great to drive.
- Safer Braking: It has been designed with safer driving and braking in mind, perfect for South African roads, with special ABS braking added.
- Optional Luxury Features: There are a range of optional luxury features that you should think about including cruise control and a great sound system.

Safety Features


Safety is one of the most important features when you’re choosing a car, and this one performs excellently well when it’s really put to the test. Here are the essential safety features for the Corolla.

- The car performs consistently well in safety tests, and achieved a five-star NCAP safety rating to prove this.
- Airbags are one of the most important safety features for the Corolla, with a total of seven to keep you safe in the event of a collision.
- It also offers ABS braking and brake assist features to ensure that you can come to a stop even in a hurry – and in bad road conditions.


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Notable Awards


Awards are how we judge a lot of things, and you’ll be glad to know that the second hand Toyota Corolla for sale had won a lot of awards in its time – and remained one of the top sellers. Here’s more about some of the awards and milestones for the car over the years.


  • The brand has a very long streak as a successful brand, and has spent 36 years dominating the South African car market as one of the top-sellers – and for very good reason. To see why, just drive one yourself!
  • The Toyota Hilux happens to be another one of their great vehicles, and was one of the top performers during 2017 – and if that’s your thing instead, we have many of these on Surf4Cars, too!