volkswagen jetta 4 for sale

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  • 2004
  • 342 265 km
  • Automatic
  • Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)

R 45 000

More About The Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta car is the bigger sibling of the Golf Hatchback and has been in production since 1980. Classified as a compact family sedan, the Jetta has been one of Volkswagen's best sellers, not only internationally, but also in South Africa.

Having been in production so long, there are have seven generations and some of the models are still on the South African roads, in part because it was locally manufactured. After the second generation Jetta, the naming conventions where changed.

The first and second generation is well known for the boxy shape, mostly available in a four-door configuration with a boot. Available in a wide range of colours and with slightly more upmarket interior finishes to differentiate it from the hatchback class at the time.

The longest-running of the two-generation where however the second generation, manufactured from 1984 - 1991. It was widely popular in South Africa and an iconic shape on the road. While maintaining the box-shape of the first generation, minor changes to the external design were the discontinuation of the valence window (small triangular window in the front doors), the grille was updated and body-coloured bumpers were available from 1990.

The VW Jetta itself was quite a lot bigger than its predecessor due to the base mounting borrowed from the Golf. The second-generation Jetta can easily seat 5 people in the roomy interior that was now classified as a full sedan and a 470-litre boot. Aerodynamically the second generation was also an improvement which resulted in slightly better fuel consumption.

Mechanical additions also improved fuel consumption and driving experience. An optional trip computer could be added that calculate fuel consumption and usage ration as well as an improved mounting of the engine and transmission that reduced noise and provided for a smoother ride. From 1988 the Jetta was also manufactured with a fuel injection system.

At the time recorded as one of the safest sedans on the road, it made the Jetta a popular family car choice adding to that practical interior, and reliable track record and was available in petrol and diesel, automatic and manual transmission.

The sport trim available was the GTI or GTX fitted with broader wheels, tighter suspension, and nippier gear ratios. From the 1980s this trim level was available with the 16 valve twin-cam engine. At the time the Jetta GTI competed with Audi and BMW and price-wise won over the market share.

Marked off at a maximum speed of 176km per hour, the best fuel consumption for combined use was around 6 litres per 100km. The Jetta A2 retained its resale value well.