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VW Polo Classic

Volkswagen's super-successful little Polo has been in production and available in Europe since 1975 but only launched in South Africa in the mid-1990s, so we skipped the first two generations. South Africa and Brazil are now the only countries where the Polo Classic is built and sold. Polo outsells Golf by about two and a half to one locally, with price is obviously a large factor in this data.

Polo offers a range of engines from 1.4 all the way up to 1.9 depending on the year model. The DGS automatic transmission is superior to any of its rivals. Its exterior and cabin design is trendy and refined, but it is the car's massive boot space that is its biggest plus. This is the feature that makes this relatively small model a viable family car.

VW's solid build quality has become the industry benchmark. The durability of these cars plays a big role in their amazing sales figures (VW Polo has constantly been among the top ten selling cars in SA). The ever-popular Polo 1.6 comes standard with a range of features such as central locking, electric windows and side mirrors, on-board computer, power steering, dual airbags, front and rear head restraints and tinted windows.