Surf4cars Privacy Policy

Why do we ask for personal information?

Surf4cars is not in the business of collecting information but rather a middle man that connects buyers and sellers of new and used vehicles. We request potential buyers to submit their contact information via various forms on our website, and these details are either used by Surf4cars to contact the user directly (as requested with the “Contact Us” options) or sent directly to the seller of the vehicle that has been requested. The information that we request from each user is specifically designed to ensure that the seller of the vehicle has enough information to get hold of the potential buyer. It is also designed to be a deterrent to scam artists and non-serious buyers (time wasters) who will not complete the forms and can therefore not see the sellers contact details.

Third party information usage

At no point is any user’s information used for any other purpose than to assist the buyer and seller get in touch with each other, and for follow up purposes by Surf4cars directly. We will never sell or disseminate any information to third parties unless required to do so by a court/legal order.

How do I update my information?

Every user that either sells or requests information as a potential buyer has an automatically generated account with Surf4cars. The logon details are emailed to every user as soon as the account is created. Users can logon at any time and update their contact information as well as see a report on any/all leads generated on our system for record purposes.

How do opt out of future communications on Surf4cars?

Users will only be contacted once by Surf4cars after they have sent a request. Once this follow up call has occurred, the only future communications that a user will receive from us is a weekly email for our online magazine, Motormag. This service is selected via a tickbox when the user sends his/her initial request on our system. Every email sent for Motormag contains an unsubscribe link should the user choose to opt out after any given period of time. It is important to note that the Motormag service is totally free. Surf4cars does not charge its public users for any service whatsoever.

Contact Us

Should any user need any assistance regarding the above or any other services, he/she can contact us at any time on or by using the contact us section on our homepage.