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More About The Audi RS3

The Audi RS3 was launched in 2015 and is still part of the Audi stable. The “RS” naming convention is an abbreviation for Renn Sport (Racing Sport), indicating that the RS was developed by the high-performance team of Audi Sport GmbH.

The RS3 is available as a 2.5L petrol five-cylinder engine combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch S Tronic transmission. that offers 270kW of power under the hood. As expected of a high-performance vehicle, the 250kW engine produces a satisfactory roar. Styled as a five-door hatchback or 4 door sedan, the RS's design is almost the same as it's A3 sibling, all smooth curves with an aerodynamic sloping roofline. The 2017 facelift model has a subtle boot spoiler and massive boxed in dual exhausts. The bold grille and air intakes complement the front. Fuel consumption is around 8km per litre for city driving and almost 12 on the highway. Being a high-performance vehicle, consumption rests very much with drive style.

It has a plush luxury interior with a sporty twist. Front seats in the 2017 model are standard Nappa leather and seats are contoured for comfort. Extra options include contoured and bolstered sides and head restraints. Accent colours around air vents and contrasting stitching are also available in upper trim levels. Standard features include the Alcantara door trim and stainless steel footrest and pedals. A full infotainment system and steering wheel controls combined with a minimalist fascia design complete the interior in true Audi style.

The Audi RS3 handles well, with very responsive steering, combined with Audi's Quattro technology makes it a capable head-turner. One of the finalists in the 2017/2018 Car of the Year category should be enough reason to look twice if you are interested in a high-performance vehicle with solid technological roots. The German manufacturer succeeded in combining high performance with comfort and add personality. The RS definitely stands out from the rest of the Audi A3 family.