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audi rs4 For Sale

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Audi RS4 quattro For Sale In Cape Town
  • 2007
  • 157 000 km
  • Manual
  • Faiz Motors
  • Cape Town (Western Cape)

Audi RS4 for Sale

The Audi RS4 is one of the RS range and from the same team that gave the market the TT and Q series. The RS4 could be described as the A4 in running gear, a sporty and nippy high-performance variant of the A4 compact luxury sedan. Closely related to the R series, the RS is slightly more mainstream sports car, than all-out performance attitude as the R series. First launched in 1999, the RS 4 was re-launched as the RS 4 Avant in the early 2000s. The RS 4 introduced many new technological advances and cutting edge Audi high-performance development.

The four-seater hatchback is only available in Quattro all-wheel drive, and the lower profile and sleek lines advertise its high-performance nature. Described in the market as the family Ferrari, the RS 4 combines elegance, performance, comfort, and practicality. The Avant's are based on the station wagon A4, but with super sleek lines, aggressive, high-performance looks and technology to match it. The exterior design language is in line with the Audi evolution. Definitely an elegant station wagon, if there ever was one, the RS 4 Avant seems to deliver on all its promises.

With several upgrades known as the B-series (B5 – B9) the RS 4 has driven the manufacturers high-performance intentions. Most likely on the second-hand market would be the B8 (2012 – 2015) and B9 (2015 – present). All sleek Audi with a prominent grille and athletic lines, the interior is in line with Audi standard.  The interior is pretty close to the A4 models with infotainment screen and standard trims, including the Audi MMI system. Interior is a combination of leather and high-quality fabric, chrome finish and black piano plastic. Front seats are comfortable dual leather/plush fabric with numerous comfort settings. 

Cabin space is generous with a loading bay that is as big as can be expected from a station wagon. It has a low loading lid, which makes it easier to get your luggage in overall a handsome vehicle with great performance but the seemingly slow seller in a market that opts for SUV's. There is a planned update in the pipeline for 2020.

The 2018 version of the Audi RS4 has a 2,9litre turbocharged petrol engine which is a drastic change from the previous V8. Although some of the high-performance power is lost, it does provide better fuel consumption, considering that the Audi RS4 is aimed at the family sector, fuel consumption is a significant consideration. The 2018 model claims around 8,8 litres per 100km.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Audi RS4, simply browse through our list of Audi RS4 and make your purchase today!