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audi rs5 For Sale

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Audi RS5 Coupe quattro S-Tronic For Sale In Somerset West
  • 2011
  • 97 450 km
  • Automatic
  • Auto Monarch
  • Somerset West (Western Cape)

R 419 995

Audi RS5 Coupe Quattro For Sale In Pretoria
  • 2018
  • 60 000 km
  • Automatic
  • Bidvest McCarthy VW Gezina
  • Pretoria (Gauteng)

Audi RS 5 for Sale

The Audi RS 5 is the sport back high-performance version of the executive compact A5 Coupé. Released in 2010 and currently, in its second generation, there have been a couple of face-lifts to keep up with Audi design evolution. The second-generation (2012 – current) with an updated model released in early 2019. Since 2016 the RS 5 is also available as a cabriolet. 

Generally following the external design of the A5 Coupé with sloping roofline, single framed grille, upgraded with the later generation to the prominent honeycombed grille of the present Audi look, it is a 3-door configuration, high boot and low profile with dual exhausts. Later editions have the updated Xenon lights, flared fenders and integrated air vents for the seven-speed S-Tronic option.

Cabin design and interior finishes are also on par with A5 design. Upholstery is a combination of leather and luxury fabric, integrated headrests, optional bucket seats with many standard luxuries. These include climate control for front seats, perforated leather steering wheel, minimalist dials and fascia design combining elegance and practicality. 

Technology and infotainment of RS 5 are similar to its A5 sibling, latest generations including the MMI infotainment system, AppleCar, Android, USB charging points, and other Audi creature-comforts. Optional extra's include ambient lighting options, all-leather upholstery, and interior detail colour options.  The cabin space is quite good in the front and can seat two adults reasonably comfortable in the back, although the sloping coupé roofline does have limitations for taller adults. Front seats are adjustable. Boot size is fair at around 455 litres, generous for a coupé body style. The RS 5 was not designed for family use and as a high-performance compact executive; the true difference between the RS 5 and A5 is under the hood. 

The first generation featured a 4.2FSI (V6 Twin-turbo) engine, producing 444 horsepower, configured with a seven-speed S-Tronic transmission and Audi Quattro all-wheel drive. Combined with 19-inch alloy rimmed wheels and technical Audi specs such as the electronic stabilizers, the aim is driving performance and ease of control.

Younger models are available in a combination of engine options. From 2.9litre TFSI V6 twin-turbo engine that accelerates from 0 -100km in 3,9 seconds and get to a top speed of 280 km/h to the V8 engine. As a high-performance vehicle, the goal is not necessarily fuel economy but still, the general consumption recorded is around 10.8lters per 100km. The RS 5 is one of Audi's successful attempts at raising the brand to high-performance standard, an easy, elegant ride that can pack the necessary power punch.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Audi RS5, simply browse through our list of Audi RS5 and make your purchase today!