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Audi RS6 for Sale

Biggest of the RS range, the Audi RS6 is the high-performance sibling of the Audi A6. It was launched in 2002 and at first, offered as Avant (station wagon) and four-door sedan body styles but since 2013 (third generation) only as Avant.

As with other Audi variants, the shape, design, interior finishes and technology mirrors the A6. There have been many facelifts for the RS 6. The 2008 – 2010 model (C6) is powered by a 5litre V10 engine, turbocharged and inter-cooled and fitted with Audi's Quattro Four-wheel drive and six-speed Triptronic transmission producing a powerful 572horsepower. While the RS6 weighs almost a ton, it is by now means sluggish.

The Audi RS6 is a power pumped family vehicle with all the space and power to impress, combining Audi elegance and comfort. Mirroring the exterior and interior design of the A6 generations, look and feel has become increasingly sleek and aerodynamic, as Audi has been claiming its stake in the high-performance category. With most manufacturers leaning towards SUV's rather than station wagon configuration, the Audi RS 7 is strong competition for the few rivals left in this category. Youngest models are only available as a sport back, containing the same engine and configurations as the RS 6. 

Exterior design provides for a serious presence on the road, aggressive lines, low front bumper, flared fenders and understated elegance. The RS6 has a very distinctive head and taillights, not only adding to its presence but also its road visibility. The interior is as elegant and understated with Audi-excellence. Dashboard, controls, and cabin have a crisp and pragmatic character. The comfortable bucket seats, spacious interior, and generous loading space, especially in the Avant (station wagon) configuration all add up. 

The RS6 comes standard with MMI Navigation Plus, a high-definition system as well as satellite navigation and easy to use controls and technology although slightly dated when compared to the latest TT models. Standard fitted with a Bose sound system or an optional upgrade to Bang & Olufson.

RS is an abbreviation for 'Renn Sport' or motorsport. The team that brought the market the Audi TT has designed all RS high-performance vehicles. Comfort combined with excellent performance and driving ease is the ultimate goal. It does come at a price, however. The V8 Audi RS6 is claimed to have a consumption of between 12.5km per litres and 10km per litre depending on how light-footed the driver is. 

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Audi RS6, simply browse through our list of Audi RS6  and make your purchase today!