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audi s4 For Sale

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Audi S4 TFSI quattro For Sale In Cape Town
  • 2010
  • 111 234 km
  • Automatic
  • Wingfield Motors Goodwood
  • Cape Town (Western Cape)
Audi S4 quattro Tiptronic For Sale In Vanderbijlpark
  • 2012
  • 141 000 km
  • Automatic
  • Koos & Mike Used Cars
  • Vanderbijlpark (Gauteng)

R 309 900

Audi RS4 quattro For Sale In Cape Town
  • 2007
  • 157 000 km
  • Manual
  • Faiz Motors
  • Cape Town (Western Cape)

Audi S4 for Sale

The Audi S4 is closely related to the A4 and RS4 and also designed by the high-performance stability of Audi. Mirroring style and design evolution of the executive compact sedan, the S4 has been in production since 1999 and is currently in its sixth generation. Body styles on offer differ from 4-door sedan to 5-door Avant (station wagon configuration) and the exterior curves, chrome, grille, and details similar to the development of the A4 and RS4. It has slightly lower ground clearance, and minor details like the shape of the headlights are different than the A4. It has 4 exhaust outlets and a slim and elegant boot spoiler ad bigger wheels, but on the whole, it looks like and A4.

The interior, technology, and quality of finishes are all very similar to its cousins. Interior is a mix of leather, and good quality upholstery, the technology, and infotainment that is on par with the A4 evolution, and the youngest models have been acclaimed as some of the best interior and infotainment in its class, especially the latest MMI Touch system. Space is not a problem at all. The cabin has been designed with comfort, luxury, and practicality in mind. Four adults can comfortably be seated as in the A4, the interior is dotted with storage options, and the boot is more than generous.

The real differentiator of the S4 lies in its engine and performance. The RS has been known as the sportier hatchback or station wagon (Avant) high-performance A4. The S is the four-door sedan version of this variant; in other words, the A4 with extra oomph: the sports sedan.

As a second-hand car benchmark model, the S4 Quattro Tiptronic 2018 model is sleek and handsome on the road, resembling an A 4 in many instances. Under the hood is a 3litre V6 engine, which produces 260 kW of power. The same engine in Porsche Cayenne and Panamera incidentally produces a little less, perhaps because the A4 is a slightly smaller and lighter body than the Porches.

To ensure that fellow road users notice the sportiness of the S4, it has a dynamic drive setting in the 2018 and younger models that offer a nippier petrol control, sportier suspension, and a high-performance exhaust roar. This, of course, affects fuel efficiency. Combined with Audi's Quattro all-wheel-drive, few competitors can compete with the S4 in this class. The handling is direct and confident, excellent cornering and great navigation of wet and dry surfaces. Fuel consumption depends on your mode of driving but has been claimed to be around 7.5litres per 100km with a top speed of 250km and acceleration of 0 – 100km in 4,7 seconds.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Audi S4, simply browse through our list of Audi S4 and make your purchase today!