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audi s8 For Sale

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Audi S8 Quattro For Sale In Richards Bay
  • 2015
  • 56 000 km
  • Automatic
  • Richards Bay (Kwazulu Natal)

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Audi S8 Cars For Sale

The Audi S8 car is the full-size luxury S-line vehicle, first produced in 1996 and currently in its fourth generation. This four-door sedan is, without a doubt, the last word in luxury and performance. Even the older generations are still around and in demand, having earned the reputation of not only being reliable, but dependable and timeless in shape and design.

In the second-hand market, the third generation is a good benchmark between the older models and the latest fourth generation. Described as a limousine style luxury sedan, it ticks a lot of boxes, starting with the blocks with the fastest acceleration time of all limousine type vehicles at 3,8 seconds from 0 – 100km per hour. Although this pre owned Audi S8 comes with quite a price tag, it still competes quite well with other vehicles in its class, for instance the Mercedes AMG S63.

The external design is a narrative of Audi's design evolution, from the boxier exterior in the 1990s to the super sleek luxury curves of the 2000s. Head- and taillights, grille, air vents, and design detail has followed a steady route that is present throughout all Audi designs. What makes the second hand Audi S8 a head-turner is a sheer bulk combined with performance.

Interior is Hollywood-like luxury, quilted leather seats, detailed stitching, Bose sound system, intuitive controls, and fascia layout, and even a massage feature in some of the trim levels. For such a bulk of a vehicle it can travel at surprising speed, but the interior noise is minimal.

The used S8 is well equipped, as you would expect from the price tag; the entry-level trim for the third generation was issued standard with all the bells and whistles reserved for the SE Executive trim of the A8. The S8 entry-level model is no entry-level vehicle with additional standard 20inch alloy wheels, Audi Sport air suspension, electronic diff and steering with 360 camera on the outside with standard Bose sound system. Upgrade to the Plus level and you get electric sun-blinds, Nappa leather, and other creature comforts reserved for deep pockets.

With Audi's Dynamic Steering, this limo's driving pleasure should not be exclusively for the chauffeur. It is nippy and powerful with an agile response, with surprising traction and smooth response to less-smooth surfaces. Apart from the price tag, the fuel consumption might be the only downside. That being said, in its class it is competitive at 13.7litres per 100km for combined city / long road consumption.