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Used Ford Cortina for Sale

Ford Cortina Cars for Sale

An icon of the '80's the Ford Cortina is one of the quintessential examples of vehicle designs during that period. Although the first Cortina car for sale was manufactured by Ford Britain in 1962, in South Africa in 1971, Cortina Bakkie was released. The iconic Mark V Range manufactured by Ford South Africa took the market by storm in 1981. Exclusive to this model were the wheels, bumpers, and interior detail. It was an immediate hit, and together with Magnum PI and the A-Team, it rose to fame and fandom, remaining one of the best sellers throughout the early '80s. The last new model was sold in 1984.

Boxy, brawny, and built in a time when fuel consumption was a secondary concern to power and presence on the road. The used Ford Cortina for sale's V6 growl combined with the bulk of a 4-door sedan or station wagon-style matches the bulky frame and elongated nose. The familiar silhouette is pre-curvy 1990's with prominent B-pillars, large windows, and low ground clearance, with the pragmatic and era-appropriate interior.

Engines were offered in 1.3litre, 1.6litre, and 1litre but the 3litre XR6 V6 was the sport version of the Ford Cortina Mark v Range and by far the most popular in South Africa although the Everyman 30S was almost present in any city and neighbourhood. The XR6 was designed with aerofoils for improved aerodynamics and sport seats. In 1981 the XR6 Interceptor was released under special dispensation to compete as a production racing car. Technological updates included aggressive camshaft, revised suspension, wider wheels, a triple carburettor, and tubular manifolds offering more power. Only offered in bright red with matte black details, it was a showstopper. To add to the exclusivity, each Ford Cortina's specific model number was displayed on the back-end C-pillar.

The last generation of the Ford Cortina cars for sale to be manufactured, the XR6 X-Ocet featured a couple of technology and style updates, most notably the white lower quarter of the car. This model reached 0 – 100km in 8.5seconds and had a top speed of 195km per hour — quite a feat for such a big and bulky vehicle.

Today viewed as a classic car. Interested buyers are mostly collectors or Ford fans. Fuel consumption is probably not their main concern, glugging along at around 9liters per 100km if the car is in good condition.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Ford Cortina car for sale , simply browse through our list of the Ford Cortina and make your purchase today!