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Used Ford Ka For Sale

Ford Ka Cars For Sale

During the 1990s, Ford introduced the baby Ford – The Ford Ka. Apart from widespread consternation regarding the pronunciation of the name, the Ford Ka car for sale was presented as the small low-cost option for car-buyers. The shape immediately drew attention and was described as both individualistic and cartoonish. Love it or hate it, the Ka came to stay. Low running costs, durability, and practicality shone through and the Ka is now in its third generation. The Ka introduced a whole new take on the boutique hatch-back sector and the current generation is still proof of that.

The unmistakable shape is by now a familiar sight on South African roads. Nose down and compact, it launched Ford design into a new trajectory. While not all critics were kind to this new shape, it is a little car worth noticing. Competing with the Citroen C2 and the Nissan Micra, the used Ford Ka might not have all the bells and whistles but it does come at quite a reduced price tag, compared to its competition, making it a very desirable option for first-time car owners, city dwellers or students. Its tiny body means lightweight, easy parking and good fuel consumption.

The interior is similar to the first generation Ford Focus and even reminds one a bit of the Fiesta. It is minimalist and neat with handy storage options throughout the cabin including stash slots and a cubbyhole. Quality hard plastics and durable fabric take the interior up a notch. Although the Ka car for sale is qualified as a budget car, it doesn’t present as sub-standard. Controls and dials are user-friendly and well-spaced on the fascia. The space is surprisingly well designed, although it's not quick or easy to get in the back of his two-door hatch.

The hatch-back opens at bumper height and the luggage compartment is fitted with a hinged, hardcover. Being a small car, the luggage compartment is not generous, but the back seats can fold forward in a 50:50 split and more than doubles the storage space to 704dm3.

The Ka is a pleasant drive, supple suspension and great handling, perfect for nippy city driving. The engine produces 51kW and with a car weighing around R939kg, the combined recorded consumption of fuel is 8.0litres per 100km.

The Ka is purpose-designed and seems to attract the following of more and more consumers looking for a decent design at an affordable price and low running cost.