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ford sapphire For Sale

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Ford Sapphire 2.0 GLi For Sale In Boksburg
  • 1992
  • 177 900 km
  • Manual
  • East to West Car Sales
  • Boksburg (Gauteng)

Used Ford Sapphire For Sale

Ford Sapphire Cars For Sale

There seems to a bit of a naming confusion between the Ford Sierra and Sapphire. Marketed under the Ford Sierra badge in most of the world, it was locally manufactured and sold as the Sapphire, with the first locally produced Sapphire car for sale rolling of the floor in 1989. The Sapphire is one of the iconic shapes of the 1980s. Its shape is immediately recognizable and also in no uncertain terms quintessentially 80's. The four-door sedan, with hatchback or station wagon option, is still visible on the roads. The predecessor of the Telstar, production of the Sapphire/Sierra was discontinued in 1993.

Exterior design is unmistakable. Rounded roof, and sloping roofline for the hatchback and lots of headspace and cabin space for the station wagon. It proved to be one of the favourites amongst families while the hatch-back, especially the XR-8 was a powerful engine and, at the time, looks that mattered. The custom sport editions were fitted with a very prominent boot spoiler and were fitted with a 5litre V8 Mustang engine.

For the more conventional and conservative users, the second hand Ford Sapphire for salestation wagon or four-door sedan was available in1,6litre, 2 litre, 2.3 V6, and 3litre V6 varieties. While power was the upside of the bigger engines, it was a time where fuel consumption and carbon emissions were rated below performance. The V6's station wagons can tow with ease, at a cost to consumption

The interior was durable hard plastics and user-friendly fabric unless you upgraded to a custom model with all leather interior. Fascia layout practical and conventional with lots of cabin space to spare (unless you opted for the two-door hatch, where the headroom in the back was a bit sparse).

The Ford Sapphire car for sale is perhaps one of the best examples of Ford durability and practicality and the market segment the manufacturer targeted; families that need a powerful but affordable car that was durable with regards to interior and technology. The used Ford Sapphire might be a good option for a first-time owner or a collector, depending on budget and needs. This is a retro car, that will tick all the boxes in the category of classic cars. As an everyday car, one might scoop up a while looked after model, but the better options would be the 1,6litre or 2litre to maximize fuel economy. A well maintained 2litre engine would give a combined consumption of around 8litres per 100km.