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honda fr-v For Sale

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Honda FRV 1.8i For Sale In Vereeniging
  • 2008
  • 210 000 km
  • Manual
  • Martin Morgan Motors Vereeniging
  • Vereeniging (Gauteng)

R 99 900


The Honda FR-V for sale is a compact multi-purpose vehicle that was manufactured between 2004 and 2009. A contender in the MPV tier, used FR-V’s for sale has still the same appeal of flexibility and space. The six-passenger MPV has a 3:3 seat configuration like the Fiat Multipla. The naming convention stands for Flexible Recreation Vehicle. Apparent from the 32 different seating combinations offered, including ISOFIX points. Sharing a platform with the CR-V and Civic, it does have a longer wheelbase to accommodate the cabin space.

The external design reminds strongly of the Honda Civic. The Honda FR-V cars for sale are 5 door MPV’s with a large hatchback for easy loading of cargo. The nose is sharp, short, and slanting with elongated headlights, prominent chrome grille, badge, and bumper air vents. Silhouette lines and curves follow the broad roof to end in the square back end and big rear window. The FR-V for sale has a lower loading ground clearence, offering extra space and ease. The side mirrors have built-in indicator lights and alloy wheels round off the look and feel.

Considering MPVs? Used Honda FR-V cars for sale will offer you a host of plus points. Interior is well-known for ample head-space and some innovative elements to ensure maximum comfort. The three front seats can be adjusted separately so that no shoulder rubbing will irritate anyone and the outer seats are closer to the door, allowing for more space but smaller door pockets. The window controls are on the fascia also as a result of tighter seat spacing. Interior good quality fabric upholstery, hard plastic, and chrome coloured plastic with wood paneling on the fascia. The fascia design is adequate with all controls easily reached and found. The instrument panel is well-lit and produces an upmarket feel. All seats have their own seatbelts and sun visors. Leg-room improves in the second row. Additional storage options like glovebox, storage bins, cupholders, and armrest trays are dotted throughout the cabin.

Further considering looking at Honda FR-V’s for sale? These are some of the creature comforts you can expect. The gearshift is situated close to the steering wheel on the left side, easy to use without too much of a reach. This position improves legroom for the driver. The hand-break is also mounted underneath the facia. Standard features include speed control, airbags, air conditioning satellite audio, and electric windows. Steering wheel controls for radio and speed control ensures that the driver’s eyes are always on the road.

Steering is accurate and easy for an MPV, the driver visibility is quite good except for the curving window which can result in blind spots. Honda FR-V cars for sale provides for a comfortable and relaxing journey, cabin noise down to a minimum even with an additional sunroof.

With a 2litre engine that produces 110kW and weight of 1,5tonnes, the performance is adequate at a top speed of 194km per hour and 10.94 seconds from 0 – 100km per hour. Used Honda FR-V’s will consume around 10 litres of fuel per 100km depending on condition and your driving style.