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Used Hyundai Matrix For Sale

Hyundai Matrix Cars For Sale

The Hyundai Matrix car is a multi-purpose vehicle produced from 2001 to 2010. Launched under the badge name Lavita in the rest of the world, the Matrix is related to the Elantra but is a five-door, five-seater, although four seats more comfortably.

The external design is boxy and conservative; the Hyundai Matrix car for sale was designed for a different purpose than elegance and looks alone. It is a practical and family-friendly vehicle that can easily be used for school runs or business deliveries. It has, however, a dated look when compared to the latest models of MPV's but as a second-hand option, it is functional. Interior is fitted with robust fabric and hard plastic finishes, and all Matrix’s come standard with air conditioning, radio/CD, and electric windows. 

At just over 4m in length, the used Hyundai Matrix car for sale is much smaller than other mini-MPV's, but the wheelbase is longer. The body is also wider and taller than its closest competitor with the emphasis on compact external design but spacious interior. There is more than enough storage in the cabin, including a cubby-hole, useful drawer underneath the front passenger seat, large door pockets, drinks holders, and an un-lidded compartment below the steering wheel.

The rear benches can slide back and forth but cannot be removable. It does have a 60:40 split and can increase legroom or cargo space. The luggage compartment slightly lower driving position is reasonable, and controls are all well laid out, including the gear lever that is easy to access because of a high mounted position. Visibility is good all-round, which makes it a comfortable vehicle to maneuver.

Being an older model, don’t expect infotainment and the latest technology, the pre owned Matrix is user-friendly and utilitarian rather than high-tech and top-performing. For second-hand buyers, there is one big draw-card, the Matrix suffered a steep depreciation, and second-hand pricing is excellent. Being an older vehicle, fuel efficiency is not fantastic. The 1.5litre diesel has an average of 21km per litre consumption, while the 1.6litre petrol recorded 15km per litre. Despite the dated look and high fuel consumption, general maintenance is not as expensive as most competitors, and parts are reasonably priced. A Matrix is a good option if you are in the market for a workhorse delivery or people mover for city-use. Don't expect high-tech and sophistication, but rather practical and user-friendly.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Hyundai Matrix, simply browse through our list of Hyundai Matrix and make your purchase today!