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Used Kia Carens For Sale

Kia Carens Cars For Sale

The Kia Carens car for sale is a compact MPV launched by the Korean motor manufacturer in 1999 and manufactured until 2019. Marketed under different names it is also known as the Rondo. With three generations available, the most prominent in the South African market will probably be the second generation (2006 – 2013) that boasted numerous facelifts.

It is a five-door sedan type MPV, basically an update from your earlier ‘station-wagon’ type vehicles for sale although the Second and Third generation’s design veers more to resemble a hatchback MPV than the elongated shape of the first generation. The first generation has a fairly utilitarian look and feel about it but the Second and especially Third generation is starting to live up to the MPV market expectations, with pronounced curves and chrome trimmings.

The second-generation (2006 – 2013) used Kia Carens for sale leap-frogged the first generation in consumer standards and requirements. The reason for this is the European Research and Development Centre in Germany where Kia’s were upgraded to meet European standards. Suddenly the Kia did not look and feel utilitarian anymore and became a contender in its class. It not only feels more European in handling but also shows refinement in interior and design. The Second Generation is also much more spacious, it can seat seven adults with ease.

The Interior of the used Kia Carens car for sale was also taken up a notch with better quality hard plastics and durable upholstery. The main star of the interior design being the space, even tall adults can ride with ease and comfort, even though it is a hatchback. The main reason for this is a flat fuel tank that offers more cabin space.

This model was launched with a 2litre 16 valve petrol engine and a 2-liter turbodiesel model, both offering good performance with a top speed of 190km per hour and fuel consumption for combined use around 6litres per 100km. With the second and third generations of Carens, Kia moved in as a serious contender in the MPV market, which is quite big in South Africa. Combined with affordability and a track record that keeps going the used Kia Carens for sale is a safe family car for the more budget aware.