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More About The Nissan 1400 Bakkie

The Nissan 1400 has become an integral image in South African history, and it’s become known as the small-but-powerful workhorse for an entire community of people. It was first introduced in 1971, and literally changed the automotive industry as we knew it then.

First, a quality working vehicle was finally an achievable and affordable goal for many, and it became one of their most popular models of all time, having sold more than a total 275, 000 vehicles during its run.

While the actual car itself was discontinued from production in 2018, there are still thousands of pre-owned models available on the roads that are in excellent condition – and ready for you to drive, whether you’re doing it for personal driving or business.

Not sure if this car is the right one for you yet? Here are more reasons why a this bakkie makes for a good choice.

Essential Features

It came out with an engine worth 47kW, and achieves a top speed of just over 150km per hour.

It’s heavy-duty while still being small, allowing you to fit neatly in your garage but still able to cart a large load.

And fortunately you can still find many models in excellent condition for sale today.

3 Essential Facts

Here are 3 interesting facts about the car.

  1. This bakkie has been around longer than a lot of people, and the first model was introduced to South African roads in 1971 as an affordable workhorse.
  2. Despite the model being discontinued from production in 2018, there are still thousands of models on the road that are in excellent condition and available for the choosing. Could it be your perfect next car?
  3. Thousands of special memories have been made with this bakkie, and there’s even a website where you can post your special car memories and images called The Last 1400.

Safety Features

Safety features are part of what makes it a popular choice.

  1. It came out with specialized Anti-Locking Brakes that ensure you’re being kept safe on the road, even in harsh or rough road or weather conditions which are sometimes a given on South African roads.
  2. Newer versions were issued with the patented DataDot technology, a method developed for storing information in a way that made car recovery after theft had occurred both easier and safer.
  3. The 1400 has always prided itself on safety features, and Engine Hood Pedestrian Protection and a set of airbags ensures safety even in the event of an accident.

Classic... Or Heritage?

The 1400 achieved such popularity with consumers that the classic Champ model produced from 1971 proved to be only the beginning of the car’s journey.

The brand also released the Heritage Edition in 2008 that only helped to add to the brand’s excellent reputation – and added another excellent car to drive.

One of the Best Cars

This bakkie is undoubtedly durable - Here are 3 more characteristics that make the 1400 worth buying:

  • Strength: the net loading capacity is incredible for a small car - 591 kg-  It’s more than you think, and strength has always been one of its best assets.
  • Size: The Champ and other models are well known for their size – they’re small enough to be comfortable but big enough to take on almost any job you can think of.
  • Quality: There’s one very good reason why these bakkies are still driving around: Because they were built so well to begin with!