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Used nissan 350z For Sale

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2006 Nissan 350Z Cabriolet For Sale In Montana
  • 182 000 km
  • Manual
  • Motortoria
  • Montana (Gauteng)

Nissan 350Z For Sale

The Nissan 350Z for sale (aptly known as the Fairlady Z (Z33) in Japan) is a two-seater coupé sports car, produced by the Japanese manufacturer between 2002 and 2009. A re-make of the Datsun Z, the 350Z managed to once again capture the world motoring audience with its audacity and presence in design and ability on the road. While 70's Datsun Z made quite an entrance but slowly declined, the newly design Nissan 350Z aimed at recapturing audience interest. In 2004 the 350Z entered the South African market with many heads turning as it sped by, the final product of several concept cars.

The Nissan 350Z for sale has a long nose, short cabin design and with the elongated back and sloping roofline, it has an appearance of a slingshot design. Upright brushed door handles and a high waistline, prominent fenders, 18-inch wheels, and prominent dual exhaust pipes add up to a bold and muscular appearance, leaving little doubt about its performance.

Interior design is 100% driver focussed. The driving position is deep and low, the gear lever is mounted higher and facia layout and instrumentation is comprehensive, giving the total feeling of high-performance at your fingertips. The used Nissan 350Z for sale was not built for passengers, so don't expect a spacious cabin. The prominent tailgate and large strut brace limits space further but improves safety. The luggage area is not a traditional ‘boot space’ but rather part of the cabin. There are lidded compartments in facia and behind the passenger seat where you can stow away overnight necessities or a small bag. Standard issue creature comforts include a powerful Bose sound system, speed control, climate control, electric windows, Xenon headlamps, six airbags, and electrically adjustable seats.

The proof is in the power with the used Nissan 350Z for sale. Under the hood is a 3,5litre V6 delivering 206kW and an impressive 363Nm of torque. A standard electronic stability system (VDC) adds to driver control and safety and the low centre of gravity ensures an above-average grip. Lauded as one of the most entertaining Sportster's in its class and quite affordable when compared to other sports cars, the 350Z is a car for those who love the freedom of the open road. Driven with intelligence, it handles expertly and produces the expected low purr of a high-performance vehicle. Gear's shift easily and fast. The 350Z was designed for motorsport enthusiasts. It is not a comfortable drive and a passenger will end up with a cramp or two if enduring a long ride. For the driver however it is pure motoring pleasure. Fuel consumption is between 7 and 10km per litre, depending on city or open road and how heavy the driver’s foot happens to be.