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nissan murano For Sale

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Nissan Murano For Sale In Johannesburg
  • 2006
  • 110 000 km
  • Automatic
  • CS Motors
  • Johannesburg (Gauteng)

Nissan Murano For Sale

In early 2002 Nissan revealed the Nissan Murano, the front engine / four-wheel drive cross over in a five-door hatch-back style. Three generations later and the Murano is still in production. In a competitive market segment, it seems that the Nissan Murano for sale is holding its own.

Since the launch model, the exterior design has been bold and powerful, lines and design language not unlike the latest Micra design. The 2009-second and third-generation exterior designs are both mimicking the style used in the Micra, extending the more sporty and aerodynamic family resemblance, of the Qashqai and Micra. The sophisticated touches with toned-down front and rear design as well as the elongated headlights and slatted grille all provide a very competitive package.

The second generation's interior is also a step up from the first generation. Keyless entry and stop/start functionality, an electric tailgate, and an improved instrument cluster have been placed with more thought than previous models. The Interior is stitched leather with chrome accents. Various standard creature comforts such as satellite audio, phone connection, speed control as well as air conditioning add to the package. The higher trim levels offer a Bose sound system as well as an optional mirror DVD satellite navigation functionality. The cabin is roomy and comfortable with a 60:40 split in the back-row seats to optimise loading capacity. Cargo space is around 352litres but can be extended by folding seats to a whopping 1360litres.

It is a comfortable enough drive with the Nissan Vehicle Dynamic Control system and 18-inch wheels. The V6 3,5litre engine churns out 191kW with 0 – 100km in 8.72 seconds, not bad for a middle-range cross over. All considered, the used Nissan Murano for sale is a strong contender in the cross over the market. The updated design is pleasing and the interior generous and well-rounded with all the necessary technology current consumers expect. It might not provide the same kind of performance as the more luxurious competitors, but it also has a smaller price tag. As a family car that provides space, economy, and style the used Nissan Murano for sale is bang on the mark. Fuel consumption is around 10km per litre for combined usage.