porsche panamera for sale

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  • 2010
  • 120 000 km
  • Automatic
  • Johannesburg (Gauteng)

R 379 950

More About The Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is a mid to full-sized luxury car. With a front engine and rear-wheel drive drivetrain layout; all-wheel drive versions are also available.

The car was unveiled in April 2009. In 2011, hybrid and diesel versions were launched; and in 2013, a facelift was announced, making its debut again at the Shanghai Auto Show.?A?plug-in hybrid?model is also available. In 2016, the entire range received an overhaul.

According to Top Gear, “There's genuine pleasure to be had from steering the Panamera now, not just sitting back and letting all that horsepower punt you up the road. The Turbo S is stand out excellent, a real alternative to other super-saloons.”

The Panamera is seen as an attempt to broaden Porsche's appeal beyond that of sportscar fans. The Panamera seems to go against the marque's signature style, being light two-door rear-engine sports cars. Its aesthetic resembles a stretched 911 with its long bonnet and rear hatch. In contrast to the 911, its interior has a sumptuous feel and is loaded with modern tech and luxurious leather upholstery.

Whether you opt for the Panamera, Panamera Executive or Panamera Sport Turismo, they are all infused with the Porsche DNA: powerful, muscular, streamlined and athletic.