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toyota 86 For Sale

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2014 Toyota 86 2.0 Limited Edition For Sale In Joburg East
  • 92 000 km
  • Manual
  • CS Motors
  • Joburg East (Gauteng)
2012 Toyota 86 2.0 For Sale In Pretoria
  • 132 000 km
  • Manual
  • Golden Era Motors Gezina
  • Pretoria (Gauteng)
2013 Toyota 86 2.0 For Sale In Cape Town
  • 100 978 km
  • Manual
  • Auto King Milnerton
  • Cape Town (Western Cape)

R 219 995

2013 Toyota 86 2.0 High Auto For Sale In Johannesburg
  • 121 000 km
  • Automatic
  • Southern Toyota Lenasia
  • Johannesburg (Gauteng)
2015 Toyota 86 2.0 High Auto For Sale In Pretoria North
  • 48 159 km
  • Automatic
  • Mit Mak Motors Pretoria North
  • Pretoria North (Gauteng)

Used Toyota 86 for sale

Looking for an affordable sports car that’s fun and offers simple and honest motoring? Well, why don't you have a look at the Toyota 86?

When the Toyota 86 was launched it was competitively priced and went toe-to-toe with hot hatches from a value perspective. With the character of a true driver's car and power going to the rear wheels, the 86 was designed to thrill without putting a hole in your pocket. Introduced into our market in 2012, the Toyota 86 was purpose-built with three key elements: to use normal road tyres, a none-turbocharged engine, and a rear-wheel-drive setup. These were non-negotiables for the Chief engineer at the time, Tetsuya Tada. Normally sports cars of this nature make use of a big displacement engine with forced induction kits attached to it. With the 86, however, you’ll find a naturally aspirated flat ‘boxer’ engine under the bonnet. Toyota says this format gives the 86 a low centre of gravity for an improved power-to-weight-ratio.

Its name is derived from the Japanese word 'Hachiroku' which means Eight Six, and the two-door Toyota pays homage to the Corolla Levin AE86 which had a successful run in the '80s. 86 is more than just a number in the modern Toyota and carries more meaning to it. For instance, the vehicle's chrome tipped tailpipe opening measures 86mm – then there’s the engine – which has a square bore and stroke setup that's 86mm by 86mm. The high-revving boxer engine has been built to produce 147 kW and 205 Nm, which may not sound like a lot but one of the reasons car enthusiasts love the 86 so much is its ability to be modified to the owner's preference. It's a blank canvas.

When it was launched, the 86 was offered in three derivatives: a 6-speed manual, a High 6-speed manual, and a High 6-speed auto. As a car enthusiast, you’ll probably enjoy the manual gearbox with its short and direct throw, as well as the engine’s natural ability to run into the higher revs with every gear. Inside the Toyota 86 is a driver-focused cockpit with an engine start button on the centre console, you'll get this if you opt for any of the High models. Aluminium pedals have also been included here to complete the look and feel. The seats are finished in two options: the first, a blend of leather and Alcantara available in the High variants, and in the standard variants, they've utilized a suede-like material which promises to be durable and breathable. At the rear of the sporty Toyota is a seat that can be folded down if you require more boot space. From a safety perspective, Toyota has put their best foot forward here with not one, not two, but a total of seven airbags in the 86. Features such as cruise control, climate control as well as an audio system with CD, Aux and USB connectivity are available. Audio is channelled through six speakers in the vehicle's interior.

There are two key questions we haven't answered yet: "where can I buy a used Toyota 86 for sale near me" and "how much is a Toyota 86". To find a Toyota 86 in your ideal spec, simply use our used car search and select your desired province, region and even the colour of the vehicle you’re looking for. It’s the simplest way to buy a car these days, all in the comfort of your home. To answer the second question, the Toyota 86 has always been an affordable and accessible vehicle, pricing on a used model will largely depend on the mileage, year model, and condition of the car.