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Toyota Prius For Sale

Our selection of Toyota Prius cars for sale is a full hybrid electric vehicle and has been in production since 1997. This eco- and the resource-conscious vehicle was at first only available as a 4-door sedan but since 2004 also as a 5-door hatchback. The question that most consumers ponder is if the price tag is worth the cleaner mobility option. It is hard to believe that this vehicle has been around for more than 20 years, long before CO2 emission reduction has been made a legal and huge environmental matter. Unfortunately, our Toyota Prius cars for sale is not yet a big seller in South Africa.

The external design has gone through some permutations, from the first rounded and ordinary-looking first generation to the latest futuristic design. It still retains a sharp, slightly downward flowing nose and slight triangular silhouette from the side. The fourth-generation 2018 facelift is the youngest model out there and significant changes to the design inside and out have been made. The exterior has newly shaped bumpers with slim, flat headlights giving it an air of speed and aggression. The 2018 model is also slightly longer than its predecessor, helping with interior space, which is always a challenge in hybrid vehicles.

The interior is furnished with quality materials and quite a lot of space and thoughtful details that add up to an upmarket look and feel. The centre console features 2-cup holders, seat temperatures switches, and a handy wireless charge pad for smartphones. The console is now a classy Piano Black compared to the frost white of its predecessor. Space is comfortable although the sloping roofline does make it a bit more cramped at the back for adults. Loading space is remarkably good for a hybrid at 502litres. Our selection of used Toyota Prius cars for sale is a high-end vehicle and the bells and whistles do not disappoint for the price tag. Speed control, reverse-view camera, and rain-sensing wipers, and an infotainment system with USB and Bluetooth compatibility. Cabin noise is minimal and the Prius sports several safety features including 7 airbags, stability controls, and ISOfix child seat anchors.

The 1,8 litre petrol combined with an electric engine produces a 100 kW power output and acceleration speed form 0 – 1ookm is 10.6 seconds with a top speed of 180km per hour. The power generated by the engine is stored in the nickel-metal hydride battery, located beneath the back seat. With hybrid cars still a bit of a new animal in South Africa, our used Toyota Prius cars for sale is one of the pioneers and boasts around 4 litres per 100km fuel consumption.