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The Volkswagen Sharan is the manufacturer’s answer to a multi-purpose class and was first launched in 1995. It is currently in its second generation.

The Sharan is a purpose-built – it is a people mover. It is bulky with chrome details and smooth curves emulating the Volkswagen stable. Sliding doors are easy to operate and lightweight, thus making electrically operated optional extra a luxury rather than a necessity. Controls and fittings are user-friendly with slightly reminiscent of the Scirocco and outgoing Passat. It is however designed to keep your eyes on the road and not looking for control buttons and dials.

The Sharan interior is predictably roomy, it can seat 7 adults comfortably, although the third row might be more suitable for children. The cabin is of high quality without feeling precious about fittings and upholstery. The Sharan is supposed to cart around many people at once and is subsequently durable and userfriendly. All seats can fold flat and there is adequate storage space in the cabin. The 375-litre boot can be expanded with folded seats to become a 2,297-litre van.

Its size none-the-less, the handling, and driving of the Sharan are effortless. Great visibility, high driver positioning and comfortable seats all add to a pleasant driving experience. Keeping its purpose in mind though, with higher speeds the cabin noise becomes pronounced and cornering is not the Sharan's forté. It is however responsive and nippy for its size and negotiates city drives without a hitch.

Standard on all models are; Bluetooth and as of 2016 also LED taillights, automatic post-crash brake function with optional extras such as cruise control and anti-crash braking amongst other driver-assist systems.

All the Volkswagen Sharan engines except the smallest diesel are available with an automatic six-speed DSG gearbox with an additional fuel saving mechanism, coasting function. The 150 PS TDI is also available in 4 motion all-wheel drive.  The Volkswagen Sharan engine is powerful enough to tow with ease and combined with all-wheel drive results in a comfortable, capable and dependable vehicle.

The second generation Sharan is recorded to use between 8.8litres and 11 liters of fuel per 100km depending on use, distance, load, and towing load.

If you ever need a second hand or pre-owned Volkswagen Sharan, simply browse through our list of Volkswagen Sharan and make your purchase today!