ford For Sale

986 km | Automatic

R 949 900

10 000 km | Automatic

Cape Town
R 949 995


5 000 km | Manual

Joburg North
R 950 000

3 200 km | Manual

Joburg North
R 1 099 900

35 000 km | Manual

Joburg North
R 1 550 000


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More about Ford

Ford History
Ford Motor Company is a household name that needs very little introduction, however, in spite of their almost one-hundred-and-twenty year history - there are details about Ford's founder, Henry Ford, that are unknown to the masses. Before the Model-A or Model-T Ford, Henry Ford's foremost motivation was to build a mode of transport, that would make life easier for farmers, moreover, to build a vehicle that was affordable, reliable and that could be mass-produced at a rate that every household in America could own one. Though his expertise was automotive engineering, in July 1891, Henry Ford worked at the Edison Illuminating Company and became close friends with Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. It was under Thomas Edison's mentorship to whom Henry Ford tributes his success in the automotive industry. It was also during this time that Henry Ford invented his first self-propelled automobile - called the Quadricycle. It had a light metal chassis-frame with four large bicycle looking wheels, a boat tiller for a steering wheel and was powered by a two-cylinder petrol engine.

How much is a Ford in South Africa?
Ford cars are available for sale in South Africa in a number of trim levels starting from under R30,000 for an older model with prices dependent on the year of manufacture, mileage, service history and vehicles specifications. Though Ford is one of the oldest vehicle brands in South Africa, of which the second-hand car market is flooded with used Ford cars for sale - there are also limited-edition Mustang models that cost over R1-Million.

Is a Ford a reliable car?
Through slogans like "Built Ford Tough," Ford promote their vehicles as being strong, reliable and of a world-class standard - albeit they have one of the highest rate of overseas vehicle recalls. Yet no higher than the average high-end premium brand here in South Africa. Just look at some of the second-hand Ford cars for sale - many with extremely high mileage yet have been spotlessly maintained - these are testament to Ford's reliability.

What makes Ford worth the money?
You can find a used Ford for sale that offers space, safety and driving pleasure. Ford is the first domestic brand in South Africa to mass-produce cars with smaller turbocharged engines - to show other carmakers that it is possible to produce vehicles that are environmentally friendly, extremely light on fuel and exciting to drive.

Is a Ford expensive to service and maintain?
Fords are no more expensive to maintain than any of the other volume brands in South Africa. Some Ford vehicles are locally produced, which makes it affordable and easy to source parts. There are used Ford's, twenty years and older that require no more maintenance than when the first owner bought them - not as cutting-edge as some of the more recent Ford sportscar models - yet simpler and cheaper to service

Where can I find a Ford for sale?
Surf4cars has the widest range of used Ford cars for sale. Our Stock is updated daily so you never miss out on finding the best deals in South Africa on Ford cars for sale. Surf for cars now.

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