mahindra For Sale

R 89 000
2016 | 100 171 km | Manual
Port Elizabeth

R 89 950
2005 | 321 900 km | Manual
Joburg East

R 99 950
2007 | 221 000 km | Manual

R 109 000
2015 | 200 311 km | Manual
Port Elizabeth

R 119 900
2010 | 189 000 km | Automatic

R 124 900
2019 | 46 200 km | Manual

R 124 950
2017 | 48 899 km | Manual
Joburg East

R 129 499
2016 | 47 000 km | Manual

R 129 900
2017 | 48 000 km | Manual
Joburg West

R 129 900
2011 | 123 456 km | Manual

R 129 900
2018 | 27 000 km | Manual
Joburg West

R 129 950
2017 | 57 000 km | Manual

R 134 950
2019 | 21 000 km | Manual

R 139 900
2020 | 19 000 km | Manual

R 139 900
2018 | 64 000 km | Manual

R 139 900
2017 | 49 056 km | Manual
Pretoria North

R 139 900
2019 | 34 247 km | Manual
Pretoria North

R 139 950
2019 | 56 000 km | Manual

R 139 995
2017 | 64 299 km | Manual

R 139 995
2017 | 132 000 km | Manual


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Mahindra started in 1945 trading in steel. They are now the largest producer of tractors in the world and one of the biggest car makers in the world. Based in India, Mahindra owns the rights to produce Willy's Jeep and work in aerospace, defence and education. Their past alliances include Ford and Renault. There is a rumour that Mahindra had a part in developing Ford's famous 1.0l EcoBoost engine. Their speciality includes small cars, multi-purpose vehicles, commercial and light commercial vehicles.

How much is a Mahindra in South Africa?
Choose from a wide range of Mahindra cars for sale in South Africa available in different models and seven trim levels. You can always find a used Mahindra for sale on Surf4cars between the R85 000 and R450 000 price range. But prices all depend on the year of manufacture, mileage, service history and vehicle specifications.

Is Mahindra a reliable car?
Mahindra builds trustworthy and reliable cars. Their cars are not fancy but they are made to last. Consider the fact that driving conditions in India are a considerably worse than here in South Africa and they build their cars to suit that climate. Most of the Mahindra cars for sale on Surf4cars are more than capable and dependable for our roads. Mahindra is a leading turbodiesel engine maker with engine names like mFalcon, mStallion and mHawk.

Is Mahindra a good used car to buy?
Their cars are surprisingly good and we see an increase of Mahindra SUVs on the road. Once again remarking that Mahindra's cars are dependable and that their engines are durable and fuel-efficient. Mahindra makes cars for a small piece of the market and has a loyal following in the construction market. While the KUV and XUV range grow ever more popular with suburban families and first-time car buyers.

Is Mahindra worth the money?
You can find a Mahindra for sale on Surf4cars that looks good and has modern features. You can buy a second-hand Mahindra with a leather interior, reverse camera and a voice-operated touchscreen infotainment system. Their SUVs are of high quality and they also have very durable 4x4 bakkies.

Is Mahindra expensive to maintain?
Maintenance costs are decent and services are on par with other budget car brands. Mahindra has a few approved RMi centres where you can take your Mahindra for a service. Otherwise, they would prefer owners to take their car to a Mahindra dealer for service. Mahindra engines are not problematic so you will save on day to day running costs like petrol and oil. Now and again there are reports of small electrical problems and sometimes spare parts are not available. But do not worry because Mahindra after-sales service and customer support is good

Where can I buy a Mahindra for sale?
Surf4cars has a wide range of Mahindra cars for sale. Stock on our new and used cars for sale showroom gets a daily update so you will never miss out on finding the best deals on a used Mahindra for sale in South Africa. Surf for cars now.


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